Botulinum toxin type A, marketed under the name of Botox®, needs no introduction. It has been around for years, serving multiple medical and cosmetic purposes, the most famous of which is reducing facial wrinkles.

Botox® works by relaxing the muscles it is injected in, disabling the formation of ‘dynamic’ wrinkles – wrinkles that appear when you perform facial movements, but disappear when your face is relaxed. Not only will you look better for your age, but it will also prevent your wrinkles from becoming deeper and ‘static’ – visible even when your face is relaxed.


Several misconceptions still exist about the procedure, some claiming that the face will inevitably appear frozen or ‘off’. This is not the case, provided the procedure is carried out by an experienced physician.



Botox® is a quick procedure too. It takes years and years for wrinkles to form, yet only 15 minutes to eradicate. It is relatively painless – we at Transforma use the smallest existing needles to inject the product precisely where we want it to. It only takes a prick just under the surface of the skin. For the faint-hearted, an anesthetic cream can be applied prior to the procedure.

The wrinkles will start disappearing within four days of your session. You will have the best result visible within two weeks. The magical effects of Botox® last four to six months after which you will need to top it up to maintain its effect.

After the procedure, you may develop a slight headache or some small bruises. You will need to follow some instructions for 48 hours after the session, such as avoiding facials, heavy exercise, saunas, and unusual postures like yoga or Pilates. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Besides reducing wrinkles, Botox® has the added benefit of preventing migraines and tension headaches. This happens because Botox® relaxes the muscles wherein tension builds up during headaches. So if you are a person who suffers from frequent headaches, and nothing on the planet seems to help, this is a treatment you should definitely go for.

Another vital function of Botox® is alleviating sweaty armpits, and we are seeing many good results in our clinic, especially in Malta’s hot summer months. Botox® is injected in the armpits, in a session as short as twenty minutes, and you will benefit from four to six months of looking, feeling, and smelling fresh, sparing so many embarrassing moments.

Finally, Botox® may also be used to reduce a gummy smile, neckbands, a downturned mouth, and much more.



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