Transforma – I Smile Dental Clinic, Smart City

Innovation goes hand in hand with the cosmetic and beauty industry. Keeping up with the times, investing in new and effective treatments, expanding into a brand that offers holistic services and treatments. Transforma has further consolidated its services by opening, within its latest venture in Smart City, I Smile Dental Clinic.

At I Smile we help you create the smile you have always wanted. Ours is a clinic fully equipped with state of the art dental technology allowing it to offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services by a highly experienced dentist. We offer a full range of dental services and oral hygiene advice.

Within I Smile we have set up and are very proud to present our new Tooth Fairy Clinic .

The Tooth Fairy Clinic is dedicated to children between the ages of 2 and 12 and focuses primarily on preventive dental care, oral health and hygiene for children.

•   Child friendly environment
•   Full advice given on aids and techniques to proper tooth brushing
•   Dietary advice given aimed at taking care of little teeth
•   Fissure sealants applied to prevent decay
•   Misalignment of teeth treated

DENTAL TREATMENTS at I Smile Dental Clinic

General Dentistry

  • Oral examination (5 euro off when getting X-ray)
  • Tooth Extraction (baby teeth)
  • Tooth Extraction (adult teeth)
  • Tooth Extraction (wisdom tooth)
  • Fractured/Complicated tooth extraction
  • Scale & Polish
  • Tooth Filling Composite
  • Tooth Filling Amalgam
  • Desensitising per tooth

 Radiology Examinations (X-ray)

  • Bite Wing X1
  • Bite wing X2
  • Orthopantomogram (OPG)


  • Root Canal Tratment – 2 sessions
  • Root Canal Treatment – 3/4 sessions


  • Dentures
  • complete acrylic resin denture
  • partial acrylic resin denture (depending on ammount of teeth)
  • complete/partial chrome cobalt denture

Crowns / Bridges / Veneers

  • metal per unit
  • metal / ceramic with economic margin
  • porcelain on zirconium
  • porcelain veneers

Tooth Whitening

  • Power whitening
  • Home whitening with custom made trays
  • MouthGuard

Major Treatment

  • Surgery
  • Impacted tooth (performed under GA in theatre)


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